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EasyBeans general Mailing List.

Announce of News on EasyBeans

EasyBeans SVN Commits Mailing List.

EasyBeans Developers Mailing List.

Issues sent by JIRA (

easyWSDL commits mailing list

easyWSDL developers mailing list

easyWSDL users mailing list

eCOM mailing list

Elastic Grid users Lists

erocci dev

News from the project

JAC Announce Mailing List.

JAC CVS Commits Mailing List.

JAC Developers Mailing List.

JAC Users Mailing List.

JASMINe General mailing list.

JASMINe SVN Commits.

JASMINe JIRA Issues. (Warning : This list is not used for discussions, please use jasmine -at-

The main mailing list for the JASS project

Enhydra JaWE Mailing List.

Java Middleware Open Benchmarks Mailing List.

JOnAS General Mailing List.

This mailing list is used to announce JOnAS events, new versions, availability of products using JOnAS, etc. Mailing List.

JOnAS SVN Commits Mailing List.

JOnAS German Documentation

JOnAS Documentation CVS Commits Mailing List.

JOnAS French Mailing List

JOnAS Team Mailing List.

Jonathan General Mailing List.

JOPE General Mailing List.

JOPE CVS commits Mailing List.

JORAM General Mailing List.

Joram SVN commits

JOTM Mailing List.

JOTM CVS Commits Mailing List.

OCCIware_Developers_technical discussions

OCCIware administrative and project management issues

Enhydra Octopus General Mailing List.

Main mailing list for OFC Charts project

main Open AXES ML

OpenCCM General Mailing List.

OpenCCM CVS Commits Mailing List.

Mailing list dedicated to the OpenCCM Extensible Container Model.

Source Control mailing list for OpenSUIT

Presentation-Server CVS Commits Mailing List.

For discussions around XPL, the XML pipeline language.

Orchestra Commit Information.

Orchestra Developer List.

Orchestra User List.

Mailing list for OSLC developers

To be notified of the latest SAT4J commits.

For SAT4J developers.

Receive notifications when new messages are sent on forum

Enhydra Shark General Mailing List.

Shelbie Community List

Shelbie SVN Commits messages are archived on this list

Shelbie Issues/Bugs/Improvments notifications goes here

Sirocco Mailing List

Sirocco commits

Sirocco issues

Sirocco team mailing list

SNAP General List

Enhydra Snapper users mailing list

Sofa commits mailing list

Mailing list for SOFA users


Spagic developers

Spagic users

Spago Developers List

Spago4q-dev mailing list

Spago4q-users mailing list

Generic information and news about SpagoBI platform

SpagoBI Developers Mailing List

Speedo Users Mailing List.

Sync4j CVS Commits Mailing List.


THINK General Mailing List.

Think announcements, for people that want to be aware of what's going on

THINK SVN Commits Mailing List.

Think developers

THINK Graphic User Interface

Think users

Tribe General Mailing List.

Tribe CVS Commits Mailing List.

List used for tribe developers and bug submission.

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