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proactive - ProActive General Mailing List.

Subject: ProActive General Mailing List.

Description: The ProActive mailing list is the general mailing list for ProActive
users. It is used for any question about ProActive, bug reporting,
annoucements, problems, contributions, etc.

ProActive is a Java library for parallel, distributed, and concurrent
computing, featuring mobility and security in a uniform framework: an
Active Object pattern. ProActive provides a comprehensive API
simplifying the programming of applications that are distributed on
Local Area Networks (LAN), on clusters of workstations, and on the

A graphical interface, IC2D, allows the remote monitoring and steering
of distributed applications. Based on a simple Meta-Object Protocol,
and on standard patterns, the library is extensible, making it open
for adaptations and for new functionalities. ProActive can also
inter-operate with other OW2 softwares (e.g. JOnAS, JOTM).

For more information on the ProActive project, have a look at:

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