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reachout-energy_marketplace-1 - ENERGY MARKETPLACE mailling list

Subject: ENERGY MARKETPLACE mailling list

Description: This project is an initial prototype of a blockchain based peer to peer energy trading platform. This project is one of the use cases of the EU project [[ARTICONF>>]]. This initial prototype implements a blockchain based peer to peer trading platform and contains the following basic functionalities:
- Register as a new user.
- Login with registered credentials.
- View the personal energy profile statistics.
- Users can post advertisements to sell energy.
- Users can buy energy from the Energy Marketplace.
- Users can view their history of all transactions
- Admins can access the [[Blockchain Explorer>>]] , to get an overview of all the energy transactions.

This prototype implements smart contracts which saves all the transactions associated with smart meter readings, energy advertisements, marketplace transactions and user energy profile to the blockchain.

We need Feedback on testing the above mentioned functionalities.
- [[Web App Link>>]]
- [[Testing Instructions>>]]


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