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reachout-databench-1 - Generation of architectural Blueprints mailling list

Subject: Generation of architectural Blueprints mailling list

Description: DataBench has released the DataBench Toolbox, a one-stop shop for big data and AI benchmarking. It offers a catalogue of existing benchmarking tools and information about technical and business benchmarking.

This campaign aims at getting content in the form of new architectural big data/AI blueprints mapped to the BDV reference model and the DataBench pipeline/blueprint. In this campaign we focus mainly in advanced users that would like to contribute with practical examples of mapping their architectures to the generic blueprints. The results will be published in the DataBench Toolbox acknowledging the ownership and can be used by the owners for their own purposes in their projects/organizations to claim their efforts in mapping with existing standardization efforts in the community.

Note that we provide information about the BDV Reference Model, the four steps of the data pipelines and the generic big data blueprint devised in DataBench, as well as some examples and best practices to provide the mappings. Testers should do their own homework based on this information to provide the mappings, resulting diagrams and explanations, if any. The Toolbox will provide a way via web form to upload this material that will be later assessed by an editorial board in DataBench before the final publication in the Toolbox.

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