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reachout-carsharing_use_case-1 - Beta-tester Focus Group Loop 2 mailling list

Subject: Beta-tester Focus Group Loop 2 mailling list

Description: The objective of market cycle is to adapt the use case to the market which Agilia Center is aiming to cope with, finding insights that can be transformed into functionalities which can be integrated into the development phase.
After this step, we will include these prerequisites in the roadmap of the service (Service Backlog) for the acceptance tests that will be carried out at the completion of the development stage. AGI will gather a new group formed by beta testers (carsharing users, ridesharing users and vehicle owners), professional users (car sharing companies, ride sharing companies, and mobility service operators) and others stakeholders (machine learning specialists, investors, ..). This group will test the functionalities of the first iteration. The process to test the requirements will encompass a methodology to not only test the previous features but also to extract new information.

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