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reachout-articonf-3 - ARTICONF Crowd Journalism Use Case - Final Version mailling list

Subject: ARTICONF Crowd Journalism Use Case - Final Version mailling list

Description: The main objective of the campaign is to test and evaluate a final version of the crowd streaming ecosystem developed in the context of the ARTICONF project.

The Crowd Journalism ecosystem is composed of three main components.
- A Mobile Application developed for live capture and streaming of news events in which citizens and journalists can transmit in real-time a breaking news event that is happening in a particular location;
- A web-based Classifier that aggregates the multiple live news video feeds from the citizens and displays them in a four-player multiviewer where they can be classified according to three different criteria: impact, trustiness and level of information;
- A web based Marketplace in which the creators of the news videos can sell them to potential buyers (citizens, news companies). The transactions are made using virtual tokens that can be exchanged for products or services.

The Crowd Journalism platform sits on top of a blockchain-based infrastructure in order to ensure anonymity, secure and immutable transactions.

In this sense, the three main components will be evaluated in this test:
- Mobile crowd streaming application;
- Multiviewer/Classifier/Editor;
- Marketplace.

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